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Optimisation of material handling systems in production plants is critical, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Mechanical Integration's leading logistics solutions meet these industries' high demands regarding lean manufacturing, production flexibility and just-in-time processes.

Working through one of its sister companies, Mechanical Integration also has a proven track record of supplying products to major international drilling, exploration and service companies. Specialising in the capability to manufacture and support unique high-tolerance components, Mechanical Integration has also successfully licensed products for use in the rapidly expanding wind turbine and renewable energy market sectors.


Dedicated team with extensive expertise of purchasing and materials management on global contracts.

We can supply!

Close involvement with key energy industries. Supplier of choice for several large customers for production and assembly components.

Supplier Portal

Mechanical Integration's vision for an integrated supply chain, and helps support our customers' requirement for responsiveness.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions provide capabilities to optimise flow of supplier goods and information from order point through to delivery.

Supply Chain Logistics

Are you out of space, wondering how to lower your operating costs or to increase distribution centre performance? Mechanical Integration will work with you to assess your current material handling system and requirements to develop recommendations on how it can become more efficient.

Based on your corporate strategy, targeted growth and development as well as the future market and customer requirements we can define and elaborate an individual solution design to meet your objectives. This tailor-made concept can be evaluated through sophisticated material flow simulation to prove its performance or to find alternative solutions prior to your final commitment.

Supplier Portal

In the last decade many companies have made large investments to modernise their production or technologies. Nevertheless, there is still a vast potential for rationalisation and optimisation in the area of internal logistics. Mechanical Integration can increase your competitiveness substantially by means of software-controlled logistics solutions.

Our integrated logistics solution works in every area and interlinks everything, providing for smooth processes and can be integrated easily into your own business website to provide an online supplier portal. Key features of our recommended software solution includes:

  • Delivery Performance

  • Quality Performance

  • Parts rejects

  • Parts reworked / replaced

  • 8D / SCAR reports

  • Linked to MRP/ERP to obtain PPM and part costs

  • Verification workflow

  • Certification Management

  • Automatic notification of concerns and overdue actions

  • Fully cloud based solution - secure, reliable and low cost

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