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Mechanical Integration is a leader in operational excellence, introducing change programmes to transform the performance of manufacturing businesses. We have helped our clients across a number of different manufacturing sectors to improve their productivity and delivering improvements in performance, cost savings and profitability.

Our core capabilities are based on a deep understanding of the strategy, systems and tools required to transform manufacturing businesses and deliver operational excellence. Our broad range of expertise spans the strategic to the practical and, crucially, we understand how to integrate these together.


Significant industry contacts with over 40 years experience with major OEMs, Tier 1 & Aftermarket suppliers globally.


Proven track record of helping manufacturers to make significant and lasting improvements to their production processes and supply chain.

Cost & Quality

Specialists in cost reduction and quality management processes, both in the OEM and Aftermarket sectors.


Portfolio of services addressing strategic issues and solving operational problems at every stage of the automotive value chain.


Mechanical Integration are experts in the field of mechanical motion control systems (cables, connectors, interfaces, plastic control handles and all kinematic and motion transmitting systems). Extensive Sales, Marketing and Program Management expertise in vehicle interiors, including head restraints, armrests, shifter systems, seat heating systems, electric motors for seating applications, both mechanical & pneumatic lumbar systems, braking systems, clutch covers, drive plates, bearings and electro-mechanical motion control systems.


Working with Mechanical Integration can help you change the way you approach product cost reduction, change the way you look at your supply base, and provide valuable results. Mechanical Integration has extensive experience of VA-VE to reduce product costs while simultaneously strengthening the relationships with your key suppliers and improving product quality. Improvement occurs both internally to your organization as well as externally with your suppliers. It's a win - win situation for all involved. VA-VE allows you to get price reductions from your suppliers while allowing them to remain profitable.

Cost & Quality

The current global economy and cost reduction drive is just one of the challenges facing the automotive industry. When combined with relentless drive for increased customer quality, satisfaction and improved asset availability by reduced downtime and maintenance frequency, the full scale of the challenge becomes apparent. Mechanical Integration can assist in developing and applying the same standards and methodology to both manufacturing and ongoing service and maintenance, such that the ongoing quality of the product and continued customer satisfaction can be assured.


Mechanical Integration offers a comprehensive portfolio of management consulting services, addressing high-impact strategic issues and solving operational problems at every stage of the value chain. Our team can develop strategies for new products and markets, optimise structures and help realise innovative cost-cutting opportunities. We develop creative strategies and implement practical solutions, always aiming to exceed our clients' expectations.

Experienced consultants are currently at work with OEMs and suppliers drawing on more than 40 years of industrial engineering excellence, giving us inside experience to serve our clients' needs.

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